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How to Make an Adult Bib

As our parents age, they require few of life’s luxuries and more of life’s necessities. Everyone wants to age with dignity, and senior citizens should be treated with the respect and love they deserve.

This easy-to-make shirtsaver for adults will help your aging parent or loved one protect their clothing and enjoy mealtime without worrying about the mess. Perfect for those in nursing homes or care facilities, or even for the messiest adult in your life, these fashionable bibs will wash up easily and are easy to put on and take off.

The bibs are especially great for those in wheelchairs or powerchairs as they cannot always get as close to the table as a regular chair, and no one at any age likes to spend the day with stains or spots on their clothes.

1.Cut two pieces of fabric 35” long by 18” wide. I like to use French Terry as it washes up fantastic and does not fray.

2.Lay fabric right sides together and pin all the way around leaving a 4 inch opening in the center of the bottom of the bib.

3.Fold fabric in half lengthwise.

4.Use a 10” plate or circle and place 9 ½ inches from top of bib on fold line. Mark around the half circle as shown. I use a fabric pen that disappears or is washable.

5.Cut on circle line while fabric is still folded, this is your neckline…now if you have a very large person you will need to make a large neckline by placing the circle lower than the 9 ½ inches or do the opposite if the person is smaller.

6.Pin the neckline. Now you are ready to sew around the complete bib, remember to leave the 4 inch opening at the bottom so you can turn your bib.

7.Turn right side and press the seams using a press cloth and iron.

8.Top stitch around complete bib and make sure to turn under the opening so that the topstitching closes the opening.

9.Attach Velcro to the top left and right sides of the bib, Always be sure to use sew-on Velcro.